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Contact us to join the Qeplanet directory helping you to promote your products and services. Advertise here to make your company visible to other businesses and end consumers enabling growth and expansion of your business. We help millions of companies in maximizing their ROI cumulatively every year.

Who can list their business in this online directory?

If you want to promote your business online, get your business listed in this online directory and get noticed by your potential customers.

Can I modify my business listing after it has been submitted?

Yes, you can modify your business listings as many times as you want and keep your audience updated.

Do you list those companies also which have not submitted to your directory?

Yes, we do that as we want to provide complete information to the visitors. If you find your company listing on our directory, claim your business today and modify it to provide further information about your business.

Can I get my business listing removed from the directory?

Yes, you can get your business listing removed. All you need is to send an email or fill up the form given above.